Homemade Noodles

A couple weeks ago my husband had his tonsils removed. The surgery was quick, and when I went to bring him home he seemed to be feeling alright and was in good spirits. That quickly changed, we even had to spend an entire day in the emergency room. You can read more about his experience yourself.

He didn’t have to tell me he was in pain, I could see it in his face, and read it in his body language. I wanted to do everything in my power to assure he was comfortable. I administered his pain medicine every four hours like clockwork, through all this he wasn’t eating much, and I was worried the pain meds were going to hurt his stomach. In my mind he HAD to get something in his stomach; so I made him my great grandma’s recipe for homemade noodles. He actually ate quite a bit (I knew he was hungry). He now is fully recovered and back to eating whatever he wants.

This is a nonrecipe-recipe; you know the kind. My great grandma has probably made this hundreds of times (at least), and she knows exactly how much of everything to use. To feel rustic, I put on my apron and made my noodles on the counter. I called my grandma for this recipe, this is how she gave it to me (recorded from my great grandma). I hope my grandma doesn’t get mad at me for posting this recipe… I believe that good food should be shared and enjoyed by all, not kept in as a “secret”.


Beat 3 or 4 eggs. Add a little salt and 1/4c. cream or evaporated milk.
Then start adding flour and beating slow. Keep adding a little flour and
beating until you get a firm dough. Roll dough out with rolling pin till fairly
thin. Dust with flour. Keep plenty of flour on it while you roll it up -like for
cinnamon rolls. You have to keep plenty of flour on it at all times so it
does not stick together. Slice about 1/8″ thick and fluff up (unroll) in flour
so they do not stick together. Have broth boiling and add noodles slowly,
stirring to keep them from sticking together. Cover pot and cook about 5
minutes or longer. Depends on how thick you make them, but they should
be cut in thin slices. Salt & pepper to taste.
Jamie-I find that it takes a little longer to cook. Stir often so they don’t stick
to the bottom of the pan. Taste then to see if they are done. Mom also told
me that if she boils a whole chicken when making these, she will add a little
fat from the broth (that settles on top) to the noodles for a little extra flavor.
and calories!
Here is how I put together my noodles:

I started with 2 c flour and salt and made a well for my eggs. I did not have any cream or evaporated milk in my cupboards, so I added plain Greek yogurt (noodles turned out fine) to my well. Slowly I combined all the flour and rolled out into a thin sheet.

Using my pizza cutter, I sliced my skinny noodles.

I sprinkled my cut noodles with a little more flour before I broke them apart.

I would recommend spreading the noodles out and letting them dry for several hours before dropping them into your boiling liquid.

I dropped my noodles into 6 cups of boiling chicken stock.

The noodles boiled for almost 20 minutes before I added poached/shredded chicken and 1 packet of chicken gravy powder. It was delicious!


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  1. Looks and sounds yummy. Thank you for sharing your grandmother’s homemade noodles!

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