What Does Your Kitchen Look Like?

I subscribe to several different blogs, and I see some amazing stuff that people are making. This always leaves me wondering what do these people’s kitchens looks like? Are they stocked to the brim with every cooks dream tools?

We’ve recently moved to a new place. When we first looked at our apartment, I was a little concerned that the kitchen was going to be too small and kind of cramped. It was definatly smaller than my kitchen at our condo. After being here and cooking in it for two weeks, I now realize that I love this kitchen. It is laid out much better than my last kitchen, and it is a better use of space. In fact, I still have cupboards that are empty!

I don’t have fancy equipment. Most of my stuff is hand-me downs, bought second hand or Christmas gifts. Of course if I had all the money in the world there are things I would purchase, but I have made due with what I have quite nicely. Someday thought, I want to have a six burner gas range.

Here are some photos of my kitchen. If you post about your kitchen in your blog, send me a link so I can snoop!

Pantry/Storage Closet

Looking into kitchen from dining room

Standing in dining room looking into kitchen


2 Responses

  1. I really don’t care for my kitchen… not enough space to put my large items like mixer, bread maker, etc. It drives me nuts!

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  2. Wow, extra room in your cabinets. That’s something I’ve never had to contend with. You can see some of my kitchen in several of my posts. The really great kitchen belongs to my niece. It’s in a early post of mine called Kitchen Art… found under “etcetera”

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