Omaha Blogroll

Food bloggers are everywhere. I subscribe to over 60 food blogs via my Google Reader. I was surprised when I saw that number, sixty is a large number, but I know that I am just one of thousands (hundreds of thousands) who blog about food. Recently my husband and I moved to Omaha, NE and began my quest to find what the local food bloggers are writing about. I found a couple bloggers through Twitter (you can follow me:  jamieskitchen)

Sneske, one of the contributers to Gastronomic Fight Club put together a local blogroll. If you are interested in what we are writing about and eating in Omaha, check out the blogroll.

Vampires Beware!

Roasted garlic. So easy. So simple. So delicious! The first time I enjoyed roasted garlic was when my husband and I were dining in Omaha’s Old Market. We ordered an antipasto appetizer off the menu at Vivace, which came with an assortment of cheeses, salty Italian meats, crusty bread and roasted garlic. Neither one of us had had roasted garlic before, and we were in love after the first bite.

Don’t live near Omaha? That’s all right, you can enjoy roasted garlic in your home, without a lot of fuss. All you need is a couple heads of garlic, and olive oil. Cut the tops off the garlic, drizzle olive oil over the garlic, wrap up in tin foil and roast in a hot oven (400-425 degrees F) for 45-60 minutes. What comes out of the oven is the most delicious way to enjoy garlic. Squeeze out the golden brown cloves, mash into a paste, and enjoy. I love roasted garlic smeared on a piece of crust bread. Yum! Yum! Yum!