Foodie Blogroll

I have joined The Foodie Blogroll. Unfortunately I can not display their widget in my sidebar, since does not allow me to use script elements in my blog. The Foodie Blogroll is a great community of online foodbloggers.

Site Seeing

Every morning I do a little internet sleuthing for cool websites related to cooking. Over the past few weeks I have come across several sites I think are worth sharing.


This website is the “Intelligent Recipe Search Engine”. Don’t know what to make for dinner? Well with SuperCook you can enter in the ingredients you have in your pantry and it will generate recipes using those ingredients. Pretty cool, huh? I think so. The more ingredients you add the more specific the recipe becomes. The recipes are linked with RecipeZaar.

Cool Think

Craving something? This is the place to go to figure out what you are craving. There is a cloud of tags that appear within different categories. You have four different categories to pick from: ingredient, dish, cuisine, mood. You are allowed to choose eight different words that relate to your craving. Once you have chosen your words, click search and several recipes appear that fit within the criteria you selected. This is a really cool way to try a recipe that maybe you’ve never tried before.

How Stuff Works

This site has so many features… it really is a MUST SEE! I’ve linked you to the “food and recipes” section (my fav). Here there are a few different sections for you to browse. You can look up recipes, or learn how to cook, learn about nutrition and healthy lifestyles, or click the food facts link and learn something new. There is so much information offered on this site, I would need days of uninterrupted internet time to explore it all.

The Culinary Review

Last night I stumbled upon this awesome website, thank you for the Google Reader recommendations. This website offers recipes. Each recipe includes the price breakdown per ingredient, per serving and the sum of the entire recipe. It also does a nutritional breakdown of the recipe for each ingredient, each serving and for the recipe as a whole. I foresee this website being a great resource. Whether you are on a tight food budget, or just want to eat healthier, this is a must see website.

Other perks of the website include cooking help. There are many topics included from how to cook a roux to how to infuse vodka. There are many other helpful topics that you may enjoy. Check it out soon!